things i learned this week

  1. when the beatles played their final concert at the Stick it wasnt as packed as youd think
  2. if shohei ohtani became a Cub i would have a very hard time not moving back to chicago during baseball season
  3. im easily distracted
  4. i love having my blog back
  5. i love how much ive been able to write this summer even though it was hard
  6. throwing away dirty tupperware is fun
  7. probably gonna throw more things out the rest of the year
  8. my sleeping patterns are bad
  9. buying food from street vendors is a better use of my limited funds for the global economy than always going to the big grocery store or the franchise drive thru
  10. i dont smoke as much weed as i thought i would once it became legal
  11. even though i work from home and make my own schedule, this summer ive gone to very few movies
  12. ppl w adhd love caffeine
  13. i only care about fantasy baseball leagues where the commissioners are either cheating lying or terrible
  14. im addicted to midjourney