did a lot of things today

best of all was publishing episode #69 of Hear in LA

where a fantastic actor and podcaster told me about burning man, ketamine, and boofing 

then as soon as i did that i needed to hurry to write a recap of the six hour LA taylor hawkins tribute show

bree asked me last minute, but early in the morning i saw Joey Maloney had taken some 

beautiful photos outside

and inside the forum

so i texted him to see if he had shot it for anyone

(no, he shot it on his $2k point n shoot)

so he said as long as i link to his IG we could have it

so then i only had an hour to write it and i hurried and time pretty much gave me a break and i was able to whip it out right on time.

i asked for 15 extra minutes to upload joeys pics and do some touch ups

but there it was!

then i drove one trip for Uber

i didnt wanna do too much, just pay for my lunch

because Tomorrow uber changes everything

and they will allow us to see everything about the ride

and let us decline as many as we want

you know, like as if they werent our bosses

which technically they are not.