three major, lifechanging things happened in 2021

– Amber an I broke up on January 6 as the Capitol was being invaded. We’d been together for four years. It had its ups and downs. But I think we are both better now. So long live Amber and I am grateful for alllll of the good times we had.

– almost exactly 7 months later I finally launched Hear in LA, the podcast I pitched years ago and was rejected, then I pitched to a different shop and it was accepted but COVID struck and all hell broke loose.

so i decided to do it on my own. and when i did, the great Jordan Katz said lemme help you. and the rest has been a beautiful journey, 100x better than i expected. and i cannot wait to get back in that saddle after another week off.

– the third thing is very personal and probably shouldnt be discussed in this blog but lets say a beautiful woman, not long ago, taught me something, in bed, lets say, and it blew my mind and it’s odd that it came from her, and it’s odder that i thought i knew it all, but omg i dont know anything.

and for the next 50 years i will approach life like: i dont know shit, show me what you know.