if you’re fat, move to the back

that means you, Lou from REI. the retard lookin guy with the Blair Witch tshirt, black socks, black shorts, black shoes. if youre not getting off and youre a big loser, move your ass to the back of the bus so that people can get off and/or get on. theres no reason to stand in the aisle and theres no reason to stand in the exit doorway.

if you’re not too thin, move in!: sometimes people get off. but when the person who is sitting next to them is fat and does not scooch in to the window seat, no one can sit, which means that no one can get out of the aisle. which means, I cant squeeze through all the mass of humanity which means i miss my stop and i have to travel an enitre mile before the next stop!

and by the way, the escalator — the UP one, of course — was not working at the Wilshire/Western red line station. i may not get a bus pass next month out of protest.

in unrelated news, the court may issue a bench warrant against me. why? because the state is a bunch of wankers and when i go to heaven i get to poop on them.