I have always been a fan of Anna Nicole Smith

anna nicole and hef

and today is a good day for her cuz it looks like she is going to go back to being one of the richest women in texas as opposed to one of the poorest. She has lived such a fascinating and bizarre life, and shes only one year younger than me!

Anyhow, looks like now she is probably going to get the $450 million after all, and it will be interesting to see how hollywood treats her now that shes not just another poor girl from texas with a thing for marilyn monroe.

plan on a tribute for her tomorrow on my main page.

woke up earlier, got up earlier. turned the corner, and there was Tall Skinny Girl walking on the other side of the street. got into the elevator and it was just she and i. i was feeling really good this morning, and i almost turned around and said hi! but nah. i just kept eating my cereal from my little box. got out of the elevator and went to the opposite side of the train ramp.

what’s weird is all the dates ive been on so far have been good. im sure me and TSG would have a good date, but i dont say a word to her. i even took the bus from wilshire and vermont instead of changing trains with her, just to avoid her more. im glad i did, cuz i saw every single escalator shut down at the wilshire/vermont station! it’s like they think that they have an excuse now because of the gas-incident last night. sorry, people, thats no excuse. there was no gas, flick back on the escalators, quit acting like a bunch of fucking asses.

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