This weekend provided for lots of excitement in the Cam Girl world

Some time Saturday, Lynn, the designer and writer of was exposed to be not who she said she was. Apparently not the perky little blonde from Alabama, Lynn was a little more than that – a lot more, actually.

I knew that Lynn was full of it about a month ago, when she sent me a picture of a faceless young girl lifting her shirt. “That’s me!” she claimed, and when I called BS she blocked me from chatting with her. So, even though I thought – and still think – that her site is one of the most creative and well-designed pages out there, with excellent writing – I took her off my links page, cuz who knows what else is a lie? Does she really do her own work? Are her words hers? Is she really a she?

The truth came out this weekend when Internet Gossip exposed the 17-year-old senior of a private highschool in Mobile, as being more of a size 12 than a size 2.

Big whoop you say? People shouldn’t be suprised that people aren’t who they appear to be on the Internet? True. But that sad thing for me is that here on the web people can really be judged by their words and their work, and still some people feel like they have to hide behind some false persona in order to be loved and accepted.

When I worked at the FBI, we’d find that people were full of shit all the damn time. Really tore us up inside.

But the really sad ending of this story is that instead of just owning up to her lie, like she does on Internet Gossip – Lynn decided to upload an R-rated home video of her “best friend”, Melanie in a very private moment, and then repeatedly denounce her and insult her on her page. For reasons unexplained, Lynn has chosen to blame her friend for the expose, instead of DiePig, who runs the Internet Gossip site that originally announced the truth.

Lynn, was one of the founding contributors to Internet Gossip, and one would imagine that if she had a beef with anyone it would be with DiePig, and not Melanie, who said nothing on her own site about the matter until Lynn blew up at her.

Somehow I expected more from one of the leaders of the teen camgirl scene.

“It’s just so highschool,” said 18-year-old Lilly.


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