clippergirl wanted more chili, who can blame her?

this situation doesn’t please ashley much, but what can you do.

in the few centuries that ive roamed this crust ive learned that life is mostly harrowing neverending misery mixed with mediocre pop music, so have whatever fun you can muster and try not to hang yourself.

clippergirl was a little under the weather from all the charity events that she’s involved with during the holidays and she came over with a nice longsleeve shirt and jeans and red christmas socks. no make up, a little knit snow cap.

gotta say it was a pretty cute getup with her nose red from blowing.

we finished our christmas cards while sipping on hot cocoa as a log burned in my hearth.

in a perfect world i woulda had the fur of a polar bear beneath my coffee table for us to warm our toes on,

but we made due.

afterwards ashley called and quizzed me about my day and she wasnt very happy with how it ended,

but really the way it ended was with a nice young girl wishing me a good night on the phone

as the clock struck three

and a thin long stream of smoke eased its way

from my glass



happy holidays sweet souls.

hope the monkey on your back saves you some pop.

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