email exchange number two

from: birthday girl

to: me

subj: when was the first time you got high?

hey tony!!!

we luv you and we wanted to tell you!!!

hey when was the first time you smked pot???

me and my sister wanna know.

to: birthday girl

from: me

re: when was the first time you got high?

hi girls,

congrats turning 21.

ive never done anything illegal in my life and dont plan to.

sorry gals, straightedge!


from: birthday girl

to: me

re: re: when was the first time you got high?

ok, well, ive done lots of illegal things. but here are some of the more tame ones.

the first time i ever smoked pot.

my friend wendy and i were 17 and we went out with two of our ‘friends’- chris and muggsy.

chris was the rich boy in school whose father drove a porsche and the previously unseen cadillac alante. for some reason, chris drove a lame station wagon. even my car was cooler!

well the 4 of us decided to go the traintracks down by the river, otherwise known as ‘love rock’. all of the keg spots in houston had dumb names like that- love rock,

low rock, the field, the horseshoe, the cabin, y-camp. go figure. (the cabin, btw, is the place responsible for my first stiches ever!)

so we went to love rock. and they informed us they had pot.

now being that i hated my dad and previously did not smoke pot in protest of his habit, i usually would say no. but i was feeling weird and inspired by my recent research into sylvia plath’s descent into the bell jar, and i said ‘what the hell?’.

but we didn’t have anything to smoke out of.

thus comes my first experience of smoking pot…out of a bud light can. improvisation in its finest form. we used my hair clip to poke holes in the side, threw on some pot and lit it up.

they say you don’t get high your first time. considering i was most-like conceived, incubated and raised on pot fumes, i was high as a kite. as was wendy.

the first time i really got drunk-in the eighth grade- on cisco no less- i didn’t know how to act. so i thought i should just pretend to be passed out and let boys drag me around the grass. so with pot- it was the same thing. i didn’t know how to act- so i let chris kiss me. in the car. 20 minutes later i kissed muggsy.

and no, i didn’t kiss wendy.

but then it was over. and i wasn’t high anymore and i didn’t like either of the boys. so wendy and i made them take us home.

i still don’t like either of them. chris recently got into a fight at my brother’s bar and got his front teeth knocked out. he is suing the bar b/c he says they didn’t do anything to stop it. muggsy is a city councilor. i didn’t vote for him.

it was quite a memorable experience.

that’s my ‘virgin-pot’ story.

maybe i can de-virginize you one day


two hotter sisters

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