hi anna kournikova tennis star

hi tony pierce, bloggy star.

hi anna kournikova super cute hot babe.

hi tony pierce totally cute boy.

do you love me, anna?

yes, do you love me, tony?


no? why not?

cuz you didnt send me a thanksgiving card.

who sends thanksgiving cards?

my mom.

did you send me a thanksgiving card?

yep. go to your mailbox and you’ll see it.

nah. im too busy being sexy.

i hate you anna.

aw dont say that.

you dont love me any more. im gonna have to find a new russian tennis star girlfriend.

please dont say that, tony. you know im incredibly jealous. and i do love you.

prove it.

how can i prove it to you, it’s love.

tell me.

i love you.

show me.


no, your boobies.


and your ass.


and your hey-nanu-now-now.


okay i love you again, anna.


shot in the dark

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