hi little dog tied to the tracks

hi tony, american superhero. wont you please help me?

no can do, little pup, i gotta sell 20 more busblog books before i can really concentrate on anything else.

wow, thats ashame, how many have you sold so far?


so once you sell 20 more will you shut the hell up about this book and untie me from this rail?

yes, little puppy, yes i will. i’ll shut up and i’ll stop hawking it like a mad man.

i see doc searls wrote in his blog that he’s gonna buy one.

yeah, funny thing about that, doomed doggie, even when the likes of instapundit and the buzz machine and doc and welch get behind it, their readers come over and look around but they don’t buy. only my regular readers are the ones buying. maybe one or two who dont know me go for it, but… hey whats that sound

it’s a train coming.

how many lives are you up to, poochie?

lives? dogs only have one life. youre thinking about cats.

why do cats get 7 lives?

cats get 9 lives, college grad, and i dont know why. seems pretty unfair.

is that rope long?

kinda but it’s tangled.

okay my little pal, i’ll see if i get 20 sold today and if i do i’ll untie you.

thanks tone. today is the last day to get it at the discounted rate, right?

well, its supposed to be, but since it’s veterans day i figured i’d extend it till tuesday just to make sure anyone who had today off would be able to grab it tomorrow before the price went up.

youre so kind.

yep. thats me.

see you later lil fella.

hope so!

layne is back from his bender

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