see me smiling?

thats cuz my new girlfriend linked me. she pointed to the nirvana photo essay. whats her name? hmmm. well it’s either Kalle or Halle. or maybe neither of those. is it really that important to know your girlfriends name in this modern world?

i wish she didnt live in orange county and i wish she didnt like no doubt and i wish she wasnt so damn talented. but i love her art and i love that her site is called

i heart gurls with issues.

im not the only one, as it looks like she already has a fan club.

where the hell’s my fan club?

chicks get everything i swear. so do you think she likes older guys? like super older guys? shes 22, im 109. do you think she likes guys with a slight belly?

the xbi softball playoffs are tonight. do you think she likes power hitting shortstops with a little speed?

shes a gemini. thank you lord. and latin? i think so. ive been with a latin girl once. it was muy caliente.

would she be impressed that i sold 62 books in not two weeks like i thought yesterday, but in 8 days? and today i got promisory notes from people who want to buy books on friday and are curious as to if they can get the super discounted rate.

what would halle do?

often im inspired on the bus. and whereas its not really fair to the 62 who got it together and ordered the book when they were supposed to, i came up with this plan that might help the slackers.

buy two or more books at regular price, free shipping.

joe cocker is on regis singing an inxs song.

life is beautiful.

im gonna go four for four tonight. our team is gonna go to the xbi world series.

i wonder if halle likes a guy in baseball pants?

okay, now today’s fun link comes to us via my buddy robert at viralplanet, it’s a fun toboggan flash game. sick and fun. for more funny videos and games go to viral planet!

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