so wRyan was offended by what i wrote

when i said that nancy dewolf smith must have sucked a lot of dick to become a writer and part of the ed board of the wall street fucking journal.

well get in line wRyan, that post was about me being offended, dumb ass.


well forget it because you’re not worth my time, and im busy watching regis.

link my ass permanently on your three hit a day site and maybe i’ll pay attention to you, which is what you’re begging for, don’t lie, you’re so transparent.

you’re allegedly offended because you’re exactly like nancy dewolf smith jealous that a superstar gets great reviews so you want to try to put us in our place with your ramblings. as always canada, try harder. raise your fist at the sun.

only thing worse than a bad writer dissing critics who praise a punk rocker’s number one best seller is a blogspotter trying to dis a blogger dissing a bad writer for trying to dis critics who praise a punk rockers number one best seller.

if you’ve read me for even a month wRyan, you know that i am capable of anything when im pissed off. unlike the ladies, i don’t just get offended. i get even.

so yes, i would call a man a cocksucker if i thought he was a bad writer whose head was up his ass. but i probably haven’t because then people might think that i have something against gays, which i do not, because they normally write much better than whores like nds in the wsj who think that its okay to kick a dead man when he’s down because he’s getting good reviews.

who the fuck is she to rain on his parade? is that her job at the wsj, to attack critics who give good reviews to good books? since when is that a career?

maybe i will spell it out to you wRyan, because i just remembered that i have a lot of canadian readers and i wouldn’t want them to think that i truly have anything against our neighbors to the north.

what i did in my piece, which you lie and say was the “worst post ever” is what i do every damn time: i addressed the concern, i provided a solution, and i led by example.

my first problem with ms. smith was her lede was terrible. it was slanderous and ridiculous and she never backed it up with anything. but worst of all it was dull while trying to be scandalous.

so what i did was show her how to write a lede.


then i built on that lede. line after line after ridiculously obscene line.

big difference was mine was good and entertaining and motivating enough to get you off your ass and write a comment, even before you read her piece.

you played yourself, wRyan, but it’s cool, i blame the socialized meds, not you.

then i addressed my attacks and wondered out loud if it was wrong to judge a woman in such a sexist predictably hateful way, and answered it with a big fuck no because that’s what she was trying to do to not only kurt but to any journalist who gave a good review to his journals.

and i wrote it as ugly as she wrote hers.

and i wrote it better.

and instead of bashing it, i overkilled it while smoking a parliament and wearing a cockring

because that’s what the people want


and i got to elbow your boyfriend greenspan when he wasn’t looking, and i got a cheap shot on your girlfriend gw when he thought i had forgotten, and i got to dirty my knuckles on the sweetest and easiest and biggest icon of journalism while defending rock and roll incarnate.

don’t like it? then suck off celine dion some more.

or perhaps you should go prostrate yourself at the feet of the priests of the temples of syrinx like a bitch.

i will say this once and for all. this blog is for the entertainment of me me me.

if you like it say so. if you don’t, piss off and be better than me.

i do this so that women will fall in lust with me and men will send me money.

and the comments are there for people to tell me how much i fucking rock

so use them properly.

oliver willis

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