the train has turned into the nappytime express lately.

everyone’s asleep. everyone either has their head down in their chest or their head back and mouth open or their head over to the side resting against the graffitied plastic window pane.

no one is pretty. least of all me. tall skinny girl isn’t there. the good morning good morning oh im so happy you’re with me this morning conductor isn’t around any more. the super professional olde man conductor isn’t around much.

the subway is sad in the mornings nowadays like a pumpkin patch on november first with all the cold scarred gourds fresh with morning dew that looks like tears.

it’s okay fallen scarecrow with stolen straw hat. it’s okay indian corn half gnawed by rats.

it’s okay wig store and halloween superstore where everything is now fifty percent off.

theres a warehouse in tustin where you’ll be reunited with all your holiday friends and the rats wont have their way with you, just little mice and dust and loneliness.

santa is coming and all of last years leftovers will be dusted off and released to fill the aisles of drug stores and main streets next week since theres only fifty four more shopping days left till the celebration of our savoirs birth.

me, i spent halloween with moxie and marc weisblog who flew down from canada to party with ken and laura layne for tonights day of the dead fiesta. but last night we partied with mc brown in his badass echo park loft.

we’lll talk more about that later.

right now lets just tell the left over snack size candies that it’s okay.

its okay candy corn and brown and orange felt stained with applesauce at jo-anne fabrics.

it’s okay glow in the dark skeleton marked down to $1.99 made of incredible plastic that allows it to stick right on your window.

it’s okay plastic jackolanter empty of treats with broken handle.

it’s okay fake blood hardened cuz it was opened.

it’s okay.


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