whaddup mj

yo, mailman.

you fixin to retire soon?


me neither.

what do you think about ashley and tony.

same ole same ole. i take a drink every time they break up.

why doesnt he just make her his girlfriend and get it over with?

i think he likes someone else.


everyone knows.



oh, her. shit.

hell i’d wait around for that shit.

dude, did you see fragrant’s latest photo essay?

of course, i lurve her.

me too.

what happens if it turns out shes not a anorexic ex fashion model after all and really a three hundred pound dude?

i guess that would make us gay.

did you see the one she did in october?

yes. im telling you. i’m all about that psycho killer.

qu’est-ce que c’est?

did you see hbo do that nice little tony tribute to get his readers to buy his book?


why are vous parleying en francais n shit?


can you believe the Vodka Pundit gets so many hits and he barely writes anything?

how do you know he gets a bunch of hits?

watch what happens when he links to the busblog, people flood like crazy. its amazing.

maybe he gets lots of hits cuz people keep seeing if he’s written anything.

no, he gets a lot of hits, trust me. tons. and he normally writes a bunch more.

it’s that picture. ladies love the blog of a handsome man.

then why does tony get so many hits?

sometimes popularity knows no reason. ask the bush family.

i had a nightmare last night.

do tell.

i dreampt that bush beat gore in ’04, honestly this time, and then jeb ran for it in ’08.

the most likeable bush of them all.

oh god.

life is pretty much over, isnt it.

god, i really hope so.

rock paper scissors championships

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