raymi is coming to america

right when i take my vacation.

i wonder if we fall in love with each other.

i wonder if she will like my secret karoake style.

today a cute girl at work called me on the phone and we talked and talked and it was nice.

i wish you could have seen the clouds last night, raymi the minx.

los angeles does well when it has real weather.

it becomes dramatic and intense and then twenty four hours later it becomes clean and clear and crisp and green.

and sunny.

what if she came down here, threw off her clothes and kicked her feet up, lit up a smoke, and just said f canada, and stayed right there on my leather couch asking out loud what she could do to make me love her.

and i would say, i couldnt love you more.

what if she came down here and said lets go to johnny rockets.

what if she came down here and just wanted to do shots, play gin rummy, and learn to master the hokie pokie.

i havent truly mastered jack in like decades.

raymi and i have one thing in common, we both attract people who feel inclined to say mean things about us on their blogs.

if you arent getting a little backlash, youre not on the right path.

if people are talking about you, not everyone is going to be sweet. if no one isnt talking shit about you, odds are no one is talking about you.

and if no one is talking about you, youre probably being dull.

the worst thing they could do is ignore you.

therefore backlash, my love, is your friend.

<3 raymi <3