im feeling a lot better today, thanks.

some of it has to do with long time fan ric from bitchen for getting me ten clams closer to my dream of being an automobile owner, some of it has to do with this flu bug getting trapped in my throat, trying to strangle me in my sleep but only falling in love with my vocal chords and giving me a delicously deep voice today making all the ladies of the house say ho.

ho ho.

also mad props to jenny period for not letting me be anything but up up up and not giving me any slack. we superheroes know that there are no sick days and that if we show even the slightest modicum of humanness like sadness, depression, or discomfort that the whole world will implode and she wont be able to get her nails done from the koreans for ten bucks.

you have no idea how your comments motivate me.

so yes, now i am back to feeling like a hundred bucks, i have a candy dish half full of cough drops that im popping like vicodin, im proudly sporting my raiders longsleeve and ive got on my true love’s stretch gap jeans on that fit me nearly as well as they fit her. the only thing that fit her as well as these jeans are my dirty thoughts.

she called me last night and told her that some of her girlfriends are planning a sleep over. how cute is that? three or four super hot babes sitting around smoking, drinking, gabbing in a santa monica beach house?

sometimes as i fly chopper one at night i think about all the going ons that are happening in this fair city and never has my imagination hinted to the fact that there might be a hot babe sleepover in progress as i lean the controls to the left and zoom over the pacific.

truth is much better than fiction, which is why everything in here is true.


last night i got interviewed for this blogger panel that im going to be part of in a week and a half.

im not sure if i want to publicize it here because im not down with the stalkers.

if you are on good terms with me, or if you are a fan of the blog and will be in the LA area for Valentine’s weekend, or if you are a friend of mine and wish to support me in this my first attempt to appear interesting on such a panel, you can email me at and i will send you the top secret url of the deal that will include some high class movers and shakers in the blog world.

anyhow, talking to this woman who is organizing all of this last night made me pretty happy cuz i got to tell her how important my mom was in my life.

my mom is super smart black woman who was doing computer programming starting way back in the late sixties. i got to tell the woman that im sure that she influenced me in a very subtle way to love computers and logical thinking.

afterwards the red phone rang and i hopped in my flying car and helped solve a crime that was about to go down but didnt because the xbi was running smoothly.

just like always.



Raising Hell

Def Jam Records

“Proud To Be Black”


You know I’m proud to be black y’all

and that’s a fact y’all

And if you try to take what’s mine

I take it back y’all – it’s like that


Listen party people here’s a serious song

It’s right not wrong, I should say right on

I gotta tell you somethin that you all should know

It’s not a mystery it’s history and here’s how it go

Now Hariett Tubman, was born a slave

She was a tiny black woman, when she was raised

She was livin to be givin there’s a lot that she gave

There’s not a slave, in this day and age

I’m proud to be


Black, god damn, I’m tired my man

Don’t worry bout what color I am

Because I’ll show you how ill, this man can act

It could never be fiction cause it is all fact

And if you get in my way, I will not turn back

I’m proud of my name, my name is Darryl Mack

I’m black and I’m proud, and I’ll say it out loud

I’ll share my story with the whole crowd, AUUUGHH!


You know I’m proud to be black y’all

and that’s a fact y’all

And if you try to take what’s mine

I take it back y’all – it’s like that


DJ Run, and I run these things

You can hear it loud and clear like when the schoolbell rings

Like Martin Luther King, I will do my thing

I’ll say it in a rap cause I do not sing


D.M.C., the man, that’s causin the beef

I got a message for the world so listen up it’s brief

Like Malcolm X said I won’t turn the right cheek

Got the strength to go the length, if you wanna start beef

Start beef!


You know I’m proud to be black y’all

and real brave y’all

And motherfucker I could never be a slave y’all

So take that!!


We’re gonna tell ya somethin put your mind in a swirl

God bless the next baby that comes in this world

The world’s full of hate discrimination and sin

People judgin other people by the color of skin

I’ll attack this matter, in my own way

Man, I ain’t no slave, I ain’t reelin no hay

Written a deposition, in any condition

Don’t get in my way cause I’m full of ambition

I’m proud to be black (and I ain’t takin no crap)

I’m fresh out the pack (and I’m proud to be black)



There was a man – an inventor – who invented so well

He invented a fortune – for a man named Bell

George Washington Carver, made the peanut great

Showed any man with a mind, could create

You read about Malcolm X – in the history text

Jesse Owens broke records, Ali broke necks

What’s wrong with ya man? How can you be so dumb?