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dear tony pierce.

from some web location i clicked a link that sounded like someone’s name i recognized from back when i was in high school and two of my teachers conspired to sneak me in fee-free to a poetry class at CCS.

this tony pierce dude wrote poetry like i’d never seen before in my sheltered high school kinda existence. (suburbs of santa barbara, farmer’s daughter, prep school: can’t get much more sheltered than that.)

so i found the busblog, and have lurked for a couple of weeks and marveled at how many girls probably do dance naked for you in front of their webcams.

but just lately i’ve been so happy to be reading more poetic words from you. the same tony pierce, i know cuz you posted a picture.

you always seemed very prolific, and i can’t say this about many people in that class i had with you, but i kept those xeroxed copies of your poems.

truly, i am not saying this because you’re a world-famous blogger with international groupies (because – don’t take this personally, but if you do, then take it as a compliment – i could give a shit) but because you are one of those poets who inspired me to say, hey, i can be one too.

you had such a distinct voice that made me fervently wish that i too would eventually grow into my own voice (at the time it was all quite self-consciously trying not to be hi-skool poetry and sadly failing). and i can actually conjure up lines from some of them, like: it’s falling i feel it the wheel started shaking and something something something the kids are out making and now it is raining your troubles on me (ok, close? but not quite.)… but i don’t go around memorizing poetry. it just sticks sometimes.

so i just wanted to say i’m glad i ran into you again even though i never actually knew you, and even tho i probably sound like a stalker (i’m not, don’t worry), and even tho you probably get thousands of emails from adoring girls who even send you naked pictures (good on ya, by the way).

but hi, from an admirer who digs on your brilliant, brilliant words.



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