for some reason

any house i live in, any town i live in, any planet i glide around in, i cant get the howard stern show on my radio clearly.

when i lived in frisco it was on some san jose station that you could barely hear in the city.

here in LA its on 97.1 which for some idiotic reason comes in terribly in hollywood. doesnt matter what radio i have it playing on.

so lately ive been listening to danny partridge and some chick.

its so bad that its encouraging.

listening to danny and this chick every morning i realize that anyone can have a radio show, anyone can make good money, anyone can be a star.

it means that maybe, just maybe, some of the ideas i have about taking over the world, i mean, the media, can come true.

i kid.

i just want to take over this blog.

i want this thing to be better, funnier, faster, tighter.

i want to see more people borrow from the design of this thing, to take a chunk from the style, etc.

last year we saw lots of people interview themselves, or interview their blogs, or interview inanimate objects.

this year im finally seeing some photo essays out there.

and recently it seems like everyone is audblogging.

im sure its just a coincidence. but its a nice one.

imitation is the highest form of flattery and flattery will get you everywhere.

made lust to a beautiful girl last night, america.

i have these huge windows right next to my bed and i have this little area where the blinds dont close all the way, and i get super paranoid that people will be able to see through that little area while im performing very intimate acts, so i usually put a pillow there.

this hot chick always rolls her eyes at me when i do this, and of course last night i noticed that we were RIGHT NEXT to the crack in the drapes and anyone who walked past could have seen things that theyve probably only seen at the end of that paris hilton sampler.

so i put the pillow there.

then we went about our business.

and after it was over i rang the little bell and the swedish interns came in with towels and cold drinks i noticed that the pillow had totally been kicked aside.

and my gorgeous visitor said Good cuz she thinks im nuts.

im not nuts.

just very shy, deep down.

but i could still beat danny partridges ass on the radio.

jarrett + doc searls + seliot

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