have i told you i have showtime

and ive been watching the reagans? and i even watched the reagans panel discussion that was also shown on showtime?

discussion: dumb

mini series: pretty good

cbs fucked up by not airing it. i don’t care what their numbers were this past month. they sold out to the right, they’re the bitch of the conservatives, and they let the rich and elite do their programming, soon they’ll be asking jeb bush how they should bang their wives.

james brolin does an excellent reagan. scary good. finally i consider this guy an actor.

as for the whiners on the right who bitched about it. they need to chill.

they need to stop mimicking rush and drudge and oreilly and all the others out there who squoosh their faces and waggle their fingers. reagan for all his phoniness and bungling and arms for hostages was totally loved by a ton of people in this country.

he doesn’t need your fucking help. nor does his legacy. no miniseries on cbs is going to bring his dying ass down.

still alive and there’s an airport and a freeway named after him.

everyone gave him a pass on his economics. everyone believes he singlehandedly destroyed communism.

everyone, including me, thought he was funny

but of course i think a lot of things are funny.


republicans are in the drivers seat and they’ve been in the drivers seat since reagan. only two things have derailed them temporarily 1) their incessant bitching 2) their undying lust affair with the bush clan.

if the right simply approached politics as unemotional businesspeople and economists they would come across as more intelligent, less fascist, and far more interesting.

bill oreilly and matt drudge look and sound like they went to the exact same back alley to get sticks shoved up their asses.

oreilly cant even sit straight.

drudge cant do anything straight.

watch rush fidget and readjust.

i don’t want to identify with someone who has something stuck up their ass.

that’s not where my inspiration comes from.

an optimist, and americans are known for their optimism, finds great value in possibilities

where is the enlightend visionary of the right, bubbling over with hope for the future, pride from the past, and finger on the pulse of today. courageous enough to embrace the responsibility of leadership and stand up to the rising tide of mediocrity while affecting positive change in the face of empty fears and baseless cowardice.

wherever he or she is, i bet they’re not sweating bullshit made-for-tv movies.

i had thanksgiving with my truest

coyote‘s incredible travel photos + sara and dan and tofurky + souptree

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