i dont read very much,

and despite peer to peer sharing i dont listen to as much new music as i should.

but i do have every channel that directv broadcasts. other than the smut. although for some reason i have a feeling that those would be my favorite channels if i had them.

but i dont, so here are the best tv shows of 2003.

1. the howard stern show, e!

2. south park, comedy central

3. the simpsons, fox

4. pardon the interruption, espn

5. the simple life, fox

6. live with regis and kelly, abc

7. celebrities uncensored, e!

8. newlyweds: nick and jessica, mtv

9. big brother, cbs

10. the real world, mtv

11. the daily show, comedy central

12. the conan o’brien show, nbc

13. sportscenter, espn

14. e! news live, e!

15. behind the velvet ropes, style

16. mr. personality, nbc

17. survivor, cbs

18. the mclaughlin group, pbs

19. insomniac with dave attell, comedy central

20. monday night football, abc

21. late show with david letterman, cbs

22. the man show, comedy central

23. call for help, tech tv

24. the jimmy kimmel show, abc

25. iron chef, the food network

pink cookies + raymi + ou katie

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