dear raymi the sphinx

dude i totally know what you mean about a-rod. but fuck a-rod, we dont need that shit. i know he’d hit 100 home runs at wrigley but fuckit. and we dont need nomar neither.

we need pudge.

i know you think catchers dont matter much, but they do. pudge is the one who held that marlins team together.

hes the one that called the pitches so that beckett could look so good.

and he had the clutch hits. and the clutch homers.

and the ladies love pudge.

i dont see how you dont love pudge.

oh raymi, why must you live in maui and i live here on the big island.

why must finding true lust be so damn hard.

youd be shocked at the things that turn me on nowadays, and the things that dont. its crazy.

any time you update, that turns me on.

thats for sure.

no shit.






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