kid rock called.

he wanted to know why i didnt put him on the list. i told him i did put him on the list. he said oh.

then he asked if he was above or below saddam.

i said, saddam who.

went to best buy and target and frys electronics today to cash in on the after christmas sales.

best buy didnt have very good sales but had totally long lines to check out.

i was going to get that stones dvd. four concerts for thirty bucks.

one of the shows i believe was at that wiltern theatre here in koreatown, just south of hollywood.

their preparty was at the conga room down the street.

xbi was there.

didnt get anything at best buy, went to frys and got a CyberHome recordable dvd player for my tivo.

i also got a $29 dvd player.

and a Holmes space heater to replace the one miss montreal talked me into settling for.

there was this spindle of 100 recordable dvds that was marked at $19.99.

i was pretty sure it was mismarked, but you never know. the lady at the cash register must have been 97 years old but she knew it wasnt the right price.

then i went to target and filled up my cart for a hundred bucks. they had christmas colored m&ms, 14oz, for a buck twenty.

i also bought a bunch of water cuz im gonna drink a lot of water in 2004.

kid rock called back and wanted to know if he was ranked higher than snoop dogg and i said no because snoop might have made the prettiest song of the year and he had doggie fizzle televizzle which you must admit was pretty good.

kid agreed, then gently hung up.

blank baby + virginia sent me a lovely christmas card + the mollusk

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