“this post makes you look like a total asshole.

>It totally sucks. Your writing has never been so irrelevant.” – Bill

if i cared what i looked like id spell check. id fact check. id write at night instead of during my government-mandated fifteen minute breaks. id use three dollar words like the edjumacated. id trade in my bus pass for a leased beemer. id wear abecrombie. id cut my hair. id dumb down and play fair. id simply talk about jesus. i wouldnt tear your shit up to peices.

if i cared what i looked like i wouldnt blog, id just write books. a guy can write a horrible book but he could at least call himself an author, not even pro assholes like your boy drudge wants to be called a blogger.

but i do cuz i am.

i am what i am. fuck what i look like. asshole. and at 110 years old im ok with who i am, a totally sucky irrelevant asshat collector who probably kicks your tail at everything.

justin timberlakes fingers smell of britney spears and cameron diaz. right there he wins. he went on tour with his dumb little songs, trying to be black, trying to not be a boybander, and trying not to get hard every time he thought of how much money he and christina agueleria were making each night dirty dancing for the kids.

if in your world that doesnt rate, your world is gay.

what can i say.

hugh hefner is 77 years old. his groundbreaking magazine this year turned 50 years old.

he has six girlfriends.

he has the coolest and best house in la, and it might be the best in world.

inspite of how he gained his wealth, he is considered by most as one of the most envied and classiest men who ever lived.

bro deserves his props, and if not on the 50th anniversary of his magazines birth, then when?

then when?

bill you might know how to form a sentence, but it takes a little more than that to enjoy the busblog. you have to approach it like i do, with an open mind.

you have to begin by thinking that there are probably lots of different ways for young people to pay for college other than joining the military.

and why are you so in favor of soldiers who are only there because they couldnt figure out better ways to pay for college?

excuse me for wanting a military of people who actually want to be in the military!

i had no scholarships, little parental financial help, and i didnt have to join the army to pay for seven years of college. i did things like have jobs, i got financial aid, and i got student loans.

and, like many people i know, it was no big deal.

if others feel like they couldnt get any other job other than joining the armed forces, i am proof that they are probably mistaken.

and im black.

during college i sold records at a record store, i sold computers and tv at an electronics store, i pumped gas, i was an ice cream man, i worked at mcdonalds, i worked in the school cafeteria, i worked at the arts and lectures events as an usher and a cashier, i wrote on the newspaper, i delivered donuts, i painted apartments, and i washed dishes.

i was never rich, but i always had enough for food, rent and school books, and i learned a great deal about financial responsibility and taking care of myself. all very normal experiences for most college students.

far be it from me for ever judging anyone with how they choose to pay for higher education, but i refuse to let slide this terribly weak arguement that the military is the only way some can pay for college.

i submit that they could find far less dangerous and higher paying jobs.

will those jobs be more rewarding, and more valuable to the country and ultimately the world? thats not the debate here.

but in my entire life, getting paid to write for the college paper was the best job i ever had.

perhaps, in part, because everyone there really wanted to be there.

meanwhile i agree with malatemail that gov. arnold also should have been seriously considered. the old lug.

sk smith writes ten times better than i + instapundit posts a picture of the madpony girls

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