since its christmastime

and we’re being all super honest with each other and all that. a lot of times i dont think im that good of a writer. thats one reason your positive comments and topless pics make me laugh… in a nice way.

anyways, for some reason when i have a deadline and i find myself procrastinating, thats the time when i feel my most confident.

i look at the clock and i say, shit i can knock tht shit out AND write a blog entry.

even though i know that i cant write at night.

when its light, study

when its dark, party

its one thirty am. its sunday night. im supposed to write something about baseball for aarons baseball blog.

he writes wonderfully, uses stats ive never seen, and gets more hits than i do.

i have respect for people who get more hits than i do cuz i know it took a lot for me to get what i get, and to do it without being a hot chick and without flooding your meta tags with paris hilton this or that, and to do it without many pictures – thats a tough trick.

ashley is trying to chat with me.

did i sleep this much when i was her man?

it seems like her dude is always sleepin.

wake the hell up and take care of your woman!

my buddy sam and i went to the lakers game tonight. phoenix.

i took good pics.

my cam isnt perfect but im getting to learn how to use it. i like that.

daisyprincess114: why so silen

daisyprincess114: t

idiotman: i have two things to write

daisyprincess114: ok what

idiotman: a peice for aarons baseball blog

idiotman: and now im writing a blog entry

daisyprincess114: what abotu

idiotman: how much i want to do you

daisyprincess114: really??

idiotman: no

daisyprincess114: aww

daisyprincess114: that wasnt nice

idiotman: do you want me to tell them that i want to do you

daisyprincess114: yeah of course

its christmastime and im not sad. i should be. i should be a fucking wreck, but im not. im probably living the life of the fool in the famous tarot card picture. hes about to go off the cliff and hes looking up in the clouds smilingly even though his dog is barking its head off trying to warn him of his imminent doom.

im eating puffed cheetos listening to rodney on the roqs christmas show and drinking dr diet pepper.

the clocks ticking and im telling you shit that not only dont you care about but it doesnt mean anything.

its just what it is.

just like the itch on my hairy thigh

which could be cured with some cortisone but ive been drinking.

and im lazy

and now im about to write cuz i want to be in bed before two fifteen.

i’ll write, sleep, and edit after i shower and get clean.

idiotman: do you want people to know your aol sn

daisyprincess114: i dont care

daisyprincess114: thats fine

daisyprincess114: not lke anyone would IM me

idiotman: i do want you

daisyprincess114: i like it when you say nice things about me, esp on your site

idiotman: was that nice that i just said

daisyprincess114: yeah of course

idiotman:its not polite with your bf sleeping right there

daisyprincess114: im not saying it gets me hot

daisyprincess114: but its a compliment

daisyprincess114: i cant deny that

daisyprincess114: im not a liar

idiotman: is it possible for anyone other than your bf to get you hot

daisyprincess114: brandon boyd? haha

daisyprincess114: i dont know

daisyprincess114: i dont want to experiment w/ that

idiotman: write about your orgasms in lick

daisyprincess114: hmm

daisyprincess114: i dont know

daisyprincess114: if i can … umm whats the word

daisyprincess114: describe that?

idiotman: write about your relationship with them

daisyprincess114: i feel like it would sound really lame

daisyprincess114: but ill try

idiotman: use a fake name

daisyprincess114: haha right

idiotman: write honestly

daisyprincess114: like anyone wouldnt know it was me

daisyprincess114: i dont have to hide

idiotman: good

daisyprincess114: im special

idiotman: you are

daisyprincess114: do you think my boyfriend seems cool?

idiotman: not really

daisyprincess114: why not!?

daisyprincess114: ?!???

idiotman: who should i link to

idiotman: three web sites

idiotman: hurry

daisyprincess114: me

daisyprincess114: me

daisyprincess114: me

idiotman: url



daisyprincess114: annnnnd

daisyprincess114: i dont knw

idiotman: thats enough

idiotman: say goodnight now

daisyprincess114: oh fine

daisyprincess114: spoil all my fun

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