we had an earthquake today

everyone went crazy.

two things people will go crazy about here in LA, earthquakes and rain.

they dont really go crazy when theres really bad traffic or drive bys or bad smog or no nfl teams in the second biggest city in america, but they sure go nuts about the earth shaking or the skies getting them wet.

our building is pretty tall. and wide. it swayed pretty well. it felt like we were on a boat. i had to look out at the palm trees to see how much the building was moving.

i thought it was cool.

usually earthquakes feel like a big slap up against the building.

this one felt like the ground was wet.

everyone came running out from their cubicles and to the tv near my desk.

it was one of the few times that i was happy not to be flying in my copter.

i havent felt a good old fashioned trembler in quite a while. this one was 6.5. but i give it a 6.1.

then the news started going crazy. they got this woman to tell us that she was shopping and things started shaking and she dropped her groceries. then they got some super nerdy woman from cal tech to tell us that indeed it was an earthquake.

i wanted someone to get on there and say that it was the terrorists doing some underground explosives testing and then say gotcha! but people dont kid about those things.

i think they should.

we get all crazy about the wrong things. earthquakes and rain are normal. people hating others and wanting to fuck up their shit is normal too. traffic is normal but doesnt need to be. smog is normal but doesnt need to be. those things are things people should get all crazy about.

not mother earth adjusting her adjustables.

i think this is funny + monique + sk smith has pictures of her man

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