Steph, Tell Me About Your Job

VBugn: my boss is crazy and there are crazy people running around

VBugn: they filmed a porn there one day

VBugn: and a rap video another day

VBugn: last night there were two fights

VBugn: and two different girls running around in see through shirts with no bras on

VBugn: and one night we got raided for underage drinking and all the bartenders got arrested for serving to minors, but I wasn’t a bartender yet

me: are you a bartender now?

VBugn: yeah

VBugn: cause the girls who got arrested didn’t want to work there anymore

me: why would two girls wear see through shirts and no bras?

VBugn: I don’t know they just were

VBugn: and they didn’t know eachother, it just happened that way

me: i hear miami can be quite nudey

VBugn: yeah there is a lot of it

me: do guys get nude too?

VBugn: South Beach is a topless beach, and there is an all nude beach a few miles up

VBugn: but as for walking down the street, I haven’t seen any naked boys, just girls

me: you said in your 100 Things that you were in a porn

me: was it the one you just wrote about?

VBugn: yeah I was an extra

me: were you naked?

VBugn: no i was bartending

VBugn: and trying to hide my face

steph and lolame: are underage drinkers good tippers?

VBugn: no

VBugn: but we don’t cater to the classiest crowd, so there aren’t a lot of good tippers

me: how long have you been bartending there?

VBugn: just since October

me: how often do you get hit on a night?

VBugn: asked for my number? About 10

VBugn: Told I am beautiful? Maybe 50

VBugn: It gets worse as the night goes on

VBugn: and I have learned that I can’t tell anyone that I have aboyfriend, cause then they stop giving me their money

me: you have a boyfriend?

me: interview over!

me: if you didnt have a live-in boyfriend, how many of those 10 guys a night would you give your number out to?

VBugn: Ohh none, cause one time I did give out my phone number, and I dont remember to who, but I am still getting harassing phone calls every weekend

VBugn: “Hey baby I want to lick your muff” type phone calls

VBugn: So I learned my lesson there

VBugn: and I got propositioned for a threesome by one table in VIP when I was doing bottle service

me: niiiice

VBugn: “My girlfriend wants to take you home with us”

me: were they hot?

VBugn: the girl was, but the boy had some long hair mullet type thing going

me: rejected because of his mullet

VBugn: someone should let him know

me: i thought half of miami still had mullets

VBugn: I think they progressed out of the eighties a few years ago

me: what are your work hours?

VBugn: from 10PM till five or six AM

VBugn: but by the time I leave I am generally pretty buzzed and we go out after

me: where can you go at 6am?

VBugn: Downtown they have afterhours clubs that are open till 2PM

me: thats insane

VBugn: one has a really fun outside room where you can go out and the sun comes up and they are blaring techno and its great

VBugn: yeah, kinda crazy

VBugn: but fun

me: whats been the best night for you working, tip-wise?

VBugn: I made about $300

me: very nice!

me: whats been the worst?

VBugn: Oh when we first opened

VBugn: We would have some nights when three people walked in the front door

me: what is bottle service? hustling people to see if they want bottles of champagne?

VBugn: yeah or bottle of vodka or anything else

VBugn: a bottle of Absolut goes for $180 plus 20% tip

me: how many bottles will people buy in a night?

VBugn: Um, a bunch? My girl Elaina does the bottle service and on a good night she will leave with around $500 or $600

VBugn: And we have some guys come in, friends with the owners, and they love to give away $100 tips at a time

me: meet any famous people?

VBugn: not at work, unless you count some no name rappers whose names i can’t remember

VBugn: and the porn stars, of course

me: nice

VBugn: I almost forgot, people ask me for drugs all the time at work- “Hey, bartender, do you know where I could get some E?”

VBugn: and someone from work brought me and one other girl to a swingers club with some super rich guys cause they needed girls to be able to get in

me: wow!

VBugn: and we immediately left, but still, I accompanied my coworkers to a swingers club

me: were the people normal lookin?

VBugn: My coworker stayed

VBugn: very normal looking

VBugn: you had to be in a towel

VBugn: and there were just people fucking, and other people watching and there was porn playing

VBugn: it was surreal
steph and lola
VBugn: and I was WAY too sober

me: your coworker must be insane?

VBugn: completely

VBugn: and married

VBugn: but he lives in the club during the weekends

VBugn: doesn’t have a house in South Beach, just lives in an office with his brothers during the weekends

VBugn: four of them in one office

VBugn: I remembered all this stuff while I was at work tonight and thought “Oh I Have to remember to tell Tony”

me: what if you walked into that swingers club with a disease?

VBugn: I don’t know

VBugn: I honestly don’t know. I looked around and ran back out the front door.

me: if you just wanted to get naked and join in would anyone have stopped you?

VBugn: nope

me: then that place is dangerous

VBugn: I think so too

me: ok, i think this concludes Tell Me About Your Job

me: thank you for playing

me: was there anything youd like to add?

VBugn: thanks for asking

VBugn: before this i worked at TGI Fridays

VBugn: “Hi my name is Stephanie and I will be your server today”

me: i think i would be more likely to hit on you there than at a bar

VBugn: and I had someone thrown out for saying that he wanted to suck on my tittie milk


VBugn: yeah, you are normal

VBugn: Oh shit! SorryTOny.

VBugn: Why didn’t you say anything?

me: i thought youd forgotten

steph does southbeach + 3rd Leg + kool keith

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