if you want to know what traffic was like in LA

before the whiteman showed up, you just need to drive around on a day like today.

when everyone is away for the holidays.

when everyone has the week off.

except for the superheroes.

like you.

i dont usually drive to work but my true love loaned me her car while she vacations in snowy oregon with her lovely family. typically the commute would take about 35 minutes. today it took 12.

even people on their cell phones didnt really ruin the commute.

sometimes i wonder what these people are talking about.

what on earth is there to talk about at 7:50am? who are they talking to?

i remember when i got my first cell phone. i swore it would only be used in cases of emergency or to tell people when i was running late.

i remember when i was a virgin i swore that i would only have sex with girls who were my girlfriends.

i remember when i was 15 and i was thinking about getting my drivers license. i swore i would go to church every day if i had a car.

i suppose some goals are easier to stick to than others.

my goal to you, gentle reader, is to make this blog as good as i can make it in the upcoming year.

instead of writing three times a day i want to write four times a day.

i want to put more things on my main page, i want to put up more original pictures, have more interviews, have a page of little video clips i take, and run Lick the way i know it can be run.

this year was a tough one for me. i thought i had the dream job of my life, then poof it was gone. i thought the cubs were gonna go to the world series and then quicker than you can say bartman it was gone.

things with ashley took a terrible turn for the worse.

if it wasnt for tivo, rivers of rum, the dulcet tunes of rock group tsar, all of my wonderful friends, and the long line of adoring young women who are all too eager to please me, i would have been a complete wreck.

and you would have had a better blog to read.

i promise to give you even better quality next year.

i promise.

quantity and quality.

as pete rose once said, more than any showdog can jump over.

i hope you all stick with me and continue to remain loyal as things progress.

your positive thoughts mean everything to me.

may your commute to wherever youre going be smooth and worry-free.

whats your damage + walk with fire + star sailing

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