yesterday, i believe

was our girl splink’s 23rd birthday.

hard to tell since everything about her is a mystery.

you’d think that after a year of linking her and talking about her and occasionally emailing and chatting i’d have a little info on her but i dont.

and she coulda come to one of the tsar shows lately and said hi or i coulda gone to the troubadour and looked around for a runway model trying to hide, but neither of us did that. and its not my style. i like to give people their space.

flagrant k. splink was born in the wisconsin dells in the back seat of a chevy cutlass during tommy bartlett water show. always the jokester she would hold her mommas hand in the mall and suddenly scream, IM BEING KIDNAPPED! and then laughing her little girl head off when the security arrived.

soon she became a runway model but didnt like the hours. only chanel would allow her to work from 6p – 9p Monday thru Wednesdays but even that became tiresome to our girl, who quit and became a porsche saleswoman in encino.

she broke all sorts of sales records and quit when she met a young black college basketball player named lamar.

they made beautiful love all over hollywood, santa monica, and the valley. they made such a stunning couple. he was tall and dark and chiseled, she was thin and pale and had super long blonde hair that she liked to whip around when they were being reckless in parking lots, against palm trees and in her luxury box at staples.

the romance ended when he moved to italy to turn pro.

she moped and wrote and learned how to paint and take photographs.

some of her drawings you can now see on her blog, which, by the way is one of my favorites.

definitely in my top 5.

of all time.

i still dont really know what she looks like or if shes even a she, but i think she is.

her travel writing is some of the best ive ever read.

shes a star no matter what she does.

we’re all so very lucky to read what she writes.

please join me in wishing fragrant a happy birthday + my interview with her last year

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