theres very little that i want for Christmas.

i would like it to come and go quickly, and id like my neighbors dog to shut the fuck up.

but as for gifts, im good. my tivo records everything i need. me and solomon just upgraded my computer. my bike needs to be fixed, but i suppose that can wait.

my stereo could be better, i could have a flat panel monitor, everyone who reads this could buy blook II and make me feel like a stud.

i guess i could use some new clothes but the ladies dont even notice clothes when you have the right attitude.

my mom offered to get me a stacking washer + dryer a few years back, that thing could come in handy nowadays.

maybe a new space heater wouldnt suck. mines about 10 years old.

i still havent gotten madden.

but i dont need anything.

i wouldnt mind a girl who understood me. a borderline nympho, exhibitionist tendencies. a life wish. addicted to lingerie and saying ok.

but i havent found that category on ebay.

i did find some new Christmas Story toys. infact, the kid who got his tongue stuck to the flag pole (pictured) will even autograph the re-released DVD, apparently that film is 20 yrs old this year.

anyways, they have four action figures you can get.

the best one is you can get the kid, flick. he comes with the flag pole so you can recreate that magic movie moment as often as you want.

you can get the leg lamp if you want. authorized.

and of course, there is the lunch box. autographed.

ebay has the christmas ornaments for you, the bobbleheads, boxers, as they should.

but what home is complete without the leg lamp light set?

and what laser disc collection is worth it’s salt without this twelve inch bad boy?

i just want to know why no one on ebay is selling this chestnut, starring the flag pole kid.

planet sara + makeout city+ leahs first audblog post

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