another t. pierce is selling a “how to blog” book

how to blog the greatest self published book about blogging that ive ever written has been a smashing success, thanks to you and you and you and you.

you, however, do not have a signed copy.

you, then, sadly only have one more day to get one at the super low crazy low discounted rate of $24 (shipping included – if you live in the USA).

slightly higher if you live outside of the usa.

you can get your copy by emailing me at and i will send you back a paypal invoice.

as discussed on here many many times, How To Blog doesnt actually teach you how to blog. it is basically a collection of blog posts that first appeared on the busblog over the last two years. they’re real life examples of how i’ve been blogging two to three times a day, year after year after year.

if you want to learn how to blog, perhaps you should go to the other t. pierce on the blogosphere who decided today that it was a good idea to use the t. pierce name to market his How To Blog book + dvd package for the low low price of $347.

why T. L. Pakii Pierce doesn’t have his products out as Pakii Pierce (like he has on his gmail address) or as T. L. Pakii or even as Thomas Pierce is a mystery because anyone named T. Pierce who Googled “pierce how to blog” since June would have certainly seen not only my original post, but also most recently my book

both named “how to blog.”

the post, how to blog, is also in the running for best article about blogging for the 2005 Bloggies

im sure i just flew under mr. pierce’s radar when he was researching his information, title, and content.

i am also fascinated by people who write books on blogging, who don’t update their own blog regularily and/or those who have only been blogging a few months.

i wish i had such courage.

anyway, the autographed versions of How To Blog will end as of tomorrow. after that all of the links will go to the CafePress site who will ship out non-signed copies of the book.

i will be making an appearence at SXSW where i will be selling a limited amount of books for those who attend the Blogging While Black panel that i will be speaking at, but the price at SXSW will be ridiculously high because i plan on doing lots of drinking and theres nothing better than cold beer purchased from the profits of your dumb book.

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