every designer in the world

has written me to offer to dress my new swedish virgin girlfriend. and it’s appreciated but they send these super sexy sultry colorfully sassy lovely things but my girl is a born again who has never worn a skirt above her knee ever.

and might not ever.

and i laugh when that tries to sink in because things like that shouldnt sink in which is why i laugh em right back out.

so pure she jumps when i rest my hand on her thigh, pushes it away to the knee, and smirks when i try to convince her that the thigh is where a mans hand should be when hes driving with his girlfriend.

has the cutest little cold sore on account of her lack of sleep. poor angel has been working her tail off at the nine-to-five and then filling sandbags at the ymca at night for the flood victims. angel i tell you. so because of the cold sore she doesnt want to kiss. so i kiss the corner of her mouth and try to sneak a tounge in there but no go. now and then she’ll sneak one out but thats it. its cute though and when you do get a little tounge action it feels ten times better cuz you dont expect it.

makes you wanna say, baby if youre saying that cold sore is contagious, im saying i dont care. im saying rub your lip across my back and spell out your name cuz i want even the man on the moon to know the truth.

and she giggles which is very nice.

i quieted that giggle tonight when i reminded her that not so deep inside of me is a darkness cute little swedish girls probably shouldnt mix themselves in with. for im 111 yrs old and thats not dog years whos been around the block a few times and on top of that really truly does work for the xbi so has not only seen everything but has made some of that shit happen including some shit that didnt wanna happen but did happen. but she doesnt flinch and its not all cuz of ignorance, shes just never flinched.

infact tonight we were parked in the lot of the ninety nine cents store on sunset in a strip mall that once housed a strip club called tulips. i was all, get it? get it? and she gets it. and we were in that car talking and a woman stood outside our window waiting for us to get out so she could spare change us but we just stayed in the car talking. stayed in there so long the woman eventually collected about $46 and went home.

talked about all of our favorite things – the good book, television, los angeles. no flinching. except when she said, i always feel so comfortable with you tony. and i said yeah? and put my hand on her thigh.

and tomorrow night she will see her first tsar concert at the El Cid on sunset in silverlake, which will be their first show on TVT Records, so dont be suprised if they put on an inspired set for their new label. special guests the ettes.

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