she picked me up outside the xbi.

she always has a big smile for me. she always has a little treat from her office for me. she always takes my hand that i place on her thigh and moves it to her knee. she always makes me melt.

we drove over to the Beverly Center, the only shopping mall where the customers dress better than the manequins. she had to return some clothes for her auntie.

she said, lets buy you some clothes. i said k. so i walked into a boutique where the dummys had pink polo shirts or pink sweaters or pink pants and i said whats with the pink and the superhot sales chickie said boys are starting to wear pink.

so we went into another store and i saw some ripped clothes and some “distressed” clothes and some dirty sweaters and i was all right, my kind of place

until i saw a comma on one of the pricetags.

at that point i kissed her and we walked down to Chipotle my favorite burrito place.

we drove home and i asked her dozens of incredibly personal questions that unfortunately i cant share with you at this time, but trust me, they were painfully personal.

halfway through she said, i am so embarrassed answering these questions!

to which i said, please dont think that im judging you or cataloguing these answers so as to use them against you in the future. i just want to know your mindset and whats going on with you. and if you like you can ask me some personal questions too.

to which she declined because im an open book with large print text for the seeing impared.

we got to my hollywood hills hideaway and we ate our food and watched The Daily Show. Eric Idle from Monty Python was on hyping his new book.

we discovered that hadnt seen any python movies or tv shows.

i said, if you were my girlfriend, would you come over three nights a week and watch movies and tv shows with me?

she said, just three nights a week?

i said, yeah.

she said yeah.

so i said, will you be my girlfriend?

she sat there smiling silently so i took off my cubs hat and got down on a knee and held her hand

and she said yes.

and we watched american idol and yelled at the tv when they didnt let that skinny black chick through.

and i probably should feel different, but i cant say honestly that i do.

her parents are very strict so i said none of this is official unless your parents give us their blessing.

she said, ah, they will like that. they will consider it a sign of respect.

i will consider it a stoke if they approve, because maybe it will mean that they wont call 5 times a night asking her where she is what is she doing and who is she doing it with.

she will merely say, im at my boyfriends house. which hopefully will explain all.


tattered coat + simpleton + kate sullivan

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