Fire Dusty or keep Dusty?

– Bob

when Bartman happened, if you recall, the cubs were still ahead. the cubs still had prior and wood. the cubs still had it going.

a leader is someone who can motivate when the team has lost its momentum. a leader is someone who looks at turbulence and instead of saying hold tight boys says lets make margueritas with this excess energy.

dusty is a fine manager for a team like the yankees or the red sox. not the cubs. the cubs need a magician. a visionary. a soothsayer. a mystic.

the cubs need someone who knows how to cheat the devil at the crossroads.

the cubs need someone who’s all i can get people to play here simply because its chicago, its the cubs, and they want to be part of the last great baseball story left to tell – the cubs winning the world series.

the cubs need someone who can attract more than phil nevin.

i see the professor sitting on the bench and i think, this isnt what he signed up for. this is the cubs that he left. i see roger clemens pitching for the astros and i think how come the cubs couldnt get him to fulfil destiny? what good is being a 40 year old pitcher if youre not also doing it for the real bad news bears. who the fuck cares if the astros do well. ever?

the astros.

dusty baker should have been gone when he raised his voice at sammy sosa.

best home run hitter we ever had.

and if they knew that something was rotten in denmark with him they should have unloaded him before it was too late.

sometimes its easier when the cubs just totally suck.

like now.

LAist was pretty good today + nice concert review

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