more questions

now that Carmen Electra is going to be available are you going to make your move? – Kate

do you think the former daisy duke is hotter than jessica? – Sassy Brown

i dont think theres one thing wrong with jessica simpson. i love everything about her. i love it when she over sings, i love it when she plays dumb, i love it when shes really dumb, i love her all funked out and slobby in sweats, i love her all glammed out in plunging necklines at the mtv awards.

if those titties are fake i dont care if theyre real i dont care. i dont even care that she totally got it on with a boybander for all those years.

yes i think shes hotter than katherine bach but in a very different way. i think the original daisy duke was more of a tomboy which i usually like but sometimes i can be swayed by the ultra girlie girls, which jessica is certainly one.

but she, like carmen got married and the good book frowns upon dating divorced women so i guess i will have to refuse both of their offers of lustmaking, no matter how passionate theyd probably be.

and creative

and oh so wrong.

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