i got interviewed twice today

Stussi interviewed me and asked me to describe Matt Good in one word.

i wanted to be funny and say, “a lot shorter than he looks on tv” but i left the comedy for raymi, who you should never try to follow unless youre going to set your hair on fire, or raymis hair on fire.

the crazy thing is, my hands have been hurting so much that i wasnt able to do that interview for two days. but i guess now that i feel better that everythings fine. life went on.

Stussi taught me something in the intro that i didnt know. i had no clue that i had dropped to 566. wasnt i in the 200s not that long ago? this getting involved with work shit is a nightmare for my numbers.

and you know what, if the numbers at LAist keep going up then i dont care really about the numbers over here.

what is very strange is people dont want to see Ramones videos they dont want to see Soul Asylum videos, they dont even really want to see Miss Universe contestants on this blog, they want to hear my beautiful lies about the girls i kiss in west hollywood while walking to the car that i didnt have to pay to park for.

the car that is dirty inside and out but you get lucky sometimes and make out with a girl who couldnt care less that the car is now making her $200 jeans dusty and birdshitty, all she cares about is biting your tounge any time you dare shove it in there.

soul asylum was good last night. not great, but good. the new songs sounded a little light in the loafers but i guess the boys have to eat, so there you are masses, some pop anthems that you seem to be lapping up any time the goo goo dolls shove it out there.

beers at the troubador were $7. two really cute bartendresses who did a great job but $7, seriously, for a bottle of corona? on a tuesday night?

the sad thing about going to shows of bands you listened to in college is also the good thing about going to shows of bands you listened to in college: the dudes your age who are also re-living their past. they all look really old. they all look like peoples dads. they all drink miller lite.

i say re-live your past up against a dirty car with a girl who still gets a student discount.

i also got interviewed by LA Taco who asked me what my favorite taco is. be prepared to be hugely disappointed in your boy.

the pants got a camera cord + raymi is a triple threat + flagrant is my bodyguard

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