i guess what i have to realize is, im new

i cant just expect to walk into the gig at LAist and think that people like the Miss Universe Pageant are just going to let me show up and start doing my thing like it aint no thing.

Barney Brantingham worked for 46 years at the Santa Barbara News-Press, im sure it took a few tries to get the Miss Universe people to pay attention to him. I mean, hell, today is the end of my first month on the job.

and what have we learned?


already knew there was a God. but this ensures it.

learned that sleep is important.

learned that its probably a good idea to have a white board, too bad it took a month to figure that out.

its important to double check set times for bands. it’s also important to save all receipts because this shit needs to be written off.

ok back to Santa Barbara. apparently the newspaper over there is freaking out. youd think that all us former nexites would just swoop in and take it over and make it better.

but theres a reason that Barney Brantingham quit this month after 46 years. life must suck at that job.

now my last job found me vomiting every day for a week, i was sick for months, my electrolites were low. but i didnt quit. something must have been hella bad for all those editors at the newspress to say fuckit.

last night the Nexus got the scoop which was sweet since they arent even putting out papers right now.

so kudos Nexus! do a beer bong on me.


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