ive been blogging my ass off for the last month

and now my arms smell of icy hot because im now what they call playing hurt, so lets rock.

i was taped for broadcast today but i didnt make the cut. oh well. it was for nbc4 news. i think theyre using me maybe but ive been exploited my whole life dan aakroyd said in blues brothers so there.

this is one of the best times ive ever had being employed. i am going to go to bed very soon, which is early for me, so as to rest my hands. theres a reason the Lord said we should take a day off. just one he said.

today i had to wake up early to deposit a check in the bank. im not sure if i deposited it on time or not but things have a way of working out sometimes and i think this is going to work out.

have i mentioned that i cant believe how lucky i am to get paid to do exactly what i would love to do if you put a magic wand in my hand and say pick your job the people you work with the shit you will be asked to do the freedom that youd like the hours that youd like and the clothes that you will get to wear.

ive been topless for two days america. thats the clothes i get to wear.

tomorrow i will put on clothes because im going to take pictures of soul asylum, one of my favorite bands from college. karisa and i saw dave pirner last year i think and lets just say it was nice to be drinking with karisa.

the best thing about yesterday on the laist is something that most people will overlook. yes antis picture of the motorcycle dude and his dogs is classic, but what most people will not realize is how many different people contributed yesterday and how many did so for the first time.

that needs to be a column on the spreadsheet of growth: noobs

howard stern is on the second week of his vacation. its amazing how much i listen to that show. i miss the show but i think that they earned two weeks in a row off. these weeks in july everyones on vacation. the most successful radio move ever deserves some time to enjoy their riches.

small island girl + anti’s southbay + doc searls on the sbnp

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