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i hafta write about santa barbara because as well as la observed is covering it, and to be honest, id have to say that la observed is covering the santa barbara news press meltdown better than pretty much everyone including the santa barbara independent who keep getting all the good shit tossed into their lap.

what makes observeds coverage better is kevins daily, hourly, wheneverly he needs to be. as doc said, poor news-press is behind an olde school paid wall, the independent is just weekly with a few updates on the angry poodle, and the la times for some reason didnt even send a reporter up there on friday and used AP.

frickin LAist woulda had a reporter up there if he wasnt being smothered with teenage angst friday morning which had to be restrained and disciplined.


can you believe the fucking miss universeys havent written me back? whose a brotha gotta finger to get a little attention up in this shit?

just wait till next year my advisors keep saying but i dont think even they realize how much i love the miss universe pageant and its a trump production and its here in la. what if next year its in frisco. this shit is right in our backyard.

upper crust last night was disappointing. but fun. my arms, i thought, were getting better thanks to a few days of icy hot, but holding the huge glasses of beer at spaceland totally freaked out both of my arms. imagine the horror of having – having – to put down your beer at a rock show.

i switched to smaller pbrs.

this afternoon once she had demonstrated her fuller understanding of ladylike behavior we watched my fair brady which took a while because casa busblog doesnt have air conditioning and its butthot today. so first she was all, hey lets open the windows and all of the cool air ran outside fast and was replaced by osmosis. which today is butthot we’ve estabished.

so then it was all oooh shut the windows which trapped the heat so we experimented with different doors being opened, windows shut, windows half open, and a fan aimed at her cooch.

for two years ive had 100 otter pops in my freezer and today a dramatic dent has been made.

and watching peter brady get pulled away in a limo with his model fiance is exactly the destinies that all the bradys should have because that show was the best.

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