i get interviewed a lot for some reason

1. When did you first start blogging?

i started blogging in august of 2001. after 9/11 it seemed like a lot of people jumped in and i rode that wave to whatever this is that we’ve got now.

2. What was your first site?

my first site was something i made in 1996 called Lick. it was an offshoot of something i was working on with marc brown called Buzznet, before it was Buzznet as you know it now. it was a webzine then and i wanted something a little more, lets say, real. after that i made a site for my audio/video installation company, and after that i secured the tonypierce.com url and i was writing on that for years before i started blogging.

3. What has been your favorite post?

How To Blog” has done me right so far.

4. What do you think separates you from other bloggers?

a few things. ive done it almost every day now for five years. ive gotten a few very cool jobs directly because of my blog including my current one as editor of LAist. ive been able to get “things” from my blog, and ive even been able to get lovin from the blog. and money, and trips, and lots of attention, which is rare for a) a man b)a non-political blogger c) a blogger who mostly writes about himself

i also hardly ever whine.

5. What do you do for fun outside of “blogging”?

chase girls way out of my league. and then catch them.

6. Does blogging provide you your sole source of income? If not, what
else do you do?


7. Where do you live? for how long? where do you want to live?

ive lived in LA on-and-off since 1984, mostly on. ive lived in East Hollywood for the last five years. im very happy here. the only other place i would consider living is somewhere with a hot tub or Isla Vista which i hope to one day help turn into a city and then run for its mayor.

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