questions from the kids

How does one take their blog to the next level? I want to find a software to make my own template, but I can’t find any information on Blogger Pro. – Holywriter

thats two questions, but youre a bro so fine. in order to take your blog to the next level you need to rid yourself of these mundane concepts concerning image.

some of the biggest sites in the world have the worst design and layout. i know you dont view porn, but if you ever accidentally find yourself on a popular porn site you’ll see how bad the layout is. it doesnt matter. people are there for the content.

provide compelling, unique, original content. that should be your only goal. and be sexy.

Blogger Pro is something Blogger did years ago. you paid $45 and you got different servers or something. not really sure. when they got bought by Google they refunded everyone their money or gave them a hoodie. i chose the hoodie. which i love.

i keep that button over there because im old school.

What charitable organization do you think deserves more attention than it’s getting? – Jetson

Unemployment percentages among African-Americans is usually double that of the country. thats seriously fucked up. the best way to combat unemployment as well as poverty is a college education. therefore the United Negro College Fund is my favorite charity. especially now that higher education has gone sky-high over the last 6-8 years.

Do you think the church of scientology is going to finally take a tumble in the coming years or will it continue to rake in the dough? bicyclemark

in the same way that an infant symbolizes Christianity, so much depends on Surri Cruise for the scientologists. for if that baby is a fraud or non-existant, it could be the end of that church. people debate whether Jesus was God, but they all agree that there actually was a man named Jesus. if Tom had Katie go through a fake pregnancy and a deliver a fake baby, any shred of credibility that their church has will be snipped.

and south park will have a field day.

wonder or ray vaughn? – kali

van zant

why are canadian girls so awesome? tara

because they take out their grillz before introducing themselves to my tim horton.

What is your favourite street in LA? – Phil

hollywood from fairfax to virgil

Were you really intending to read the PDF review copy of ‘Liftport: Opening Space to Everyone’? – Brian

i intended to read a lot this summer, but then i got a job two weeks after i was let go. i’ll probably never read anything, now, again.

How come we get to choose from over 50 contestants for Miss America…. But only two for President ???? – Billy The Kid

people gave me a hard time when i said that i wanted to vote for ralph nader in 04. they said i was wasting my vote. Billy, you have over 50 contestants to chose from for President.

it is in the best interest of the two major parties to have us believe that any vote other than for them is a wasted vote.

you only have one life Billy. vote for who you want. kiss who you want. hang with who you want. the only time you waste something is when you do the bidding of others who dont have your best interest at heart.

and unless youre a judge in the front row of the miss universe pageant, you have zero contestants to choose from.

What’s your favorite song by Matt Good? – Neil

lame choices i know, but apparitions and black helicopters.

Are you happy about the wars in the middle east because it means that the rapture is going to happen soon? – miguel

wars dont make me happy. nudes in my inbox make me happy. positive comments make me happy. freedom makes me happy. great new bands like The Submarines make me happy. The Grates makes me happy. girls who understand that cheerleader outfits are perfectly suitable laying around the apartment clothes makes me happy. all you can eat seafood buffets make me happy.

wars dont make me happy. and they dont lead to the rapture as the Lord said that he will come like a theif in the night, which to me means when you least expect it. which to me means during a time of peace. which to me means get used to your so called life.

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