the scene where greg brady is stoned

i loved the brady bunch big time.
in fact one of the many things ashley and i shared
was our love for the brady bunch.

this is the scene where barry williams later wrote:

“I was introduced to a thin, hand-rolled, yellow joint.
‘Listen, man’ said one of the buds, ‘toke slow — this is some real heavy shit.'”

“‘Cooool,’ I thought… Several drags later, the stuff had kicked in hard.” Which is when the Assistant Director asked Barry back to the studio “to shoot the driveway scene” where the makeup lady gave him a bottle of Visine.

Barry was stoked because he felt that this mental state might help him improve his stagnant role as Greg. “(I was) thinking to myself that my now-heightened sense of consciousness and intensity might give me a chance to completely recreate my role…”

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