theres a jana pants on my couch.

theres a destinys child on my stereo speakers. theres perspiration on my back. theres windows open. theres a suitcase and some boxes on my yard from my neighbor kicking out her boyfriend.

and until now theres been no friday posting on the busblog and here it is 3:18pm.

but the nice thing about video of karisa being funny is no one is going to complain if that shit stays up there longer than it should.

last night i went drinking with the LAisters at Don Antoinio in West LA. so fun. i love that place. it took forever for us to get a table in the patio so we just drank at the bar and chatted.

i was telling one of the girls who doesnt know me very well that secretly im very shy and sort of a reculse. she probbaly thought i was kidding since in four weeks shes dranken with me twice at bars and shes seen me surrounded by people. but she doesnt know that deep down id rather be in my walk in closet slash computer den writing to you.

got a phone call today from Jeff from Tsar who wanted to tell me that theyre playing next Thursday at Safari Sam’s which is a bummer since i am on the list to see Bloc Party at the Greek. but if i can get a different writer to go to the Greek then i will see Tsar seriously within walking distance of my house.

in fact i have been sorta working out a tad this summer and the other day i said, lets run to Safari Sams and back. lets say i didnt accomplish that goal completely which is why im going to have to join a gym because thats simply not acceptable. a grown man, particularily a black man in the xbi should be able to run a few miles without feeling like he’s having a heart attack. chopper one has made me lazy.

i decided that i should work for Pink Dot for a few weeks.

last night i got home and i had a knock at the door and the lady said can i come in and i said oh so you can just knock and get let in and she was all yeah and she smiled and i said this is why i had that satelite dish on the porch blocking the doorway so that random teens wouldnt think that it was ok to knock on my front door hoping that they could make lust to the famous blogger. she was all would you prefer that i knocked on the back door. i said why yes i would.

and she knocked on the back door and i said no ones home but the stove.

unfortunately i forgot to lock the back door or for that matter even shut it since i was trying to create a crosswind. and when she took off her shirt she covered her belly and said dont look ive been drinking a lot and im fat. i said you wanna see fat go read my blog tomorrow when i talk about you. she said youre going to talk about me and she perked up big time. i didnt know someone could have so much perk at 1am.

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