Since you are taking questions

and I saw that you just neatly broke down the whole season of BB All Stars I ask you this. Do you listen to Bubba The Love Sponge at all on H101? If not, why? – 4rilla

as you know im a huge Howard fan. im a subscriber, ive got the hookup to get the shows on my ipod, im so sick that at 3am (as in 15 minutes from now) i reach over to my nightstand and turn on the laptop and i listen to it live through the Sirius stream.

when howard said that he was signing up Bubba i had zero interest. why would i want to tune into a fat nascar redneck when i faithfully listen to 4.5 hours of a freakishly tall micro-penised halfjew?

but since howard is spending my money on vacation all summer banging that supermodel of his ive been forced to tune into the 101, and even though i cant say that ive listened for more than a half hour at one sitting, i must say that i do like bubba, i do think he’s talented, i appreciate that he keeps it real by owning his southern roots, and i like that everything is a jones or a mcgillicutty. its funny.

i also like bubba because it shows you how good howard is and what an excellent formula theyve got going there. howard’s parody songs make bubba’s seem like the secondrate knockoffs that they are. the way bubba treats the strippers and porn stars that come in is funny but howard takes it to the next level intellectually, if you can believe it.

i do appreciate bubba’s shocking of the puss and the shocking of the nuts and all that but for some reason the only time i want to hear someone in pain is when its someone who you care about, which is why when Richard got waxed it was so good because we all love Richard.

when i was in chicago i grew up on the original howard, steve dahl, which howard can pretend meant nothing to his early development, but those of us who are 113 yrs old remember how lame radio was back in those days. and if you listen to steve and gary meier in chicago when howard was just starting out you will see a great deal of similarities which may or may not have anything to do with the fact that dahl was in Detroit a year before Howard got there. arguing with his wife on the air, talking about his personal life, and yelling at his boss with the mic open was what got Dahl out of Detroit… which is exactly how Howard got from Detroit to DC where he became #1.

bubba unfortunately will never get out of Howard’s shadow as long as howard is still on the air. dahl and stern were able to blossom on their own since one was in the midwest and the other was on the east coast. for both bubba and howard to basically be on the same station will only help bubba a little, for a temporary period of time. and during that time his similarities to howard will stand out like that big fucking gut he has.

in order for him to break out he’s got to find something that howard cannot do. banging the fans is a good start, but he’s gotta think bigger than that.

scotty ferrall however is a freaking genius and the best part of Howard 101.

i met alecia this weekend. so hot.