i’ll never actually run in a marathon

so writing a novel on LAist is pretty close to the next best worst thing.

usually i start after im done doing things for LAist, which is around 2am. then i will procrastinate for an hour. then i’ll get to it.

every demon is in my head in regards to this novel. so lets identify their whines: youve written all this before, its not a novel, its not creative, its boring, you sound bored, the people who read LAist are going to butcher it, you will lose whatever cred you have if you keep this up, you will lose whatever cred you have if you stop, youre running out of things for those characters to do, this is not how you write a novel, if its good no one will believe you write it in 30 days, if its good you’ll have to do it again, dont worry it wont be good, dont worry people will start making fun in the comments over there, dont worry you will never be able to keep it up, dont worry someone will find out that whenever the going gets tough you end up ripping off ronald sukenick cuz no one knows who he is.

i took a nap today at 8pm cuz i hadnt gotten much sleep last night. im sorta addicted to my Tiger Woods 2006 for the PSP.

did i tell you that this production company gave me a PSP so i would write about their tv shows. a few commercials of the shows were on the PSP. but what happened is ive become super addicted to the PSP now. it was brilliant. and ive gotta say, this game is pretty great.

what happens is they beat the shit out of you for the first 50 games. then you start learning and then they get even better. but then you figure out how to make money so you can get better equipment. yes of course its a poor video game player who blames his tools, but hows a brotha supposed to hit the ball 300 yards with the driver they give you at the beginning of the game?

im thinking about starting an LAist Movie Club, where once a week we’ll say, “Borat, Arclight, 7:30pm Friday”. cuz the thing is people do like movies and not everyone has cheerleaders to take to the movies on a friday night. and now that ive expunged the cheerleaders from my life. forever. suddenly i want to go to the movies on a friday night and not have to go back in time and start calling clipper girl just cuz i dont wanna see borat by myself.

the other thing ive noticed from the emails ive been getting lately is theres a lot of single women out there who would go to a group thing alone, but otherwise would rather just rent a movie and watch it at home than go to the theater alone.

those girls need to be drinking with me at the arclight bar after the movie.

i think this is the reason britney sticks with kfed. what else is she gonna do?

on thursday i happened to be in a super sweet neighborhood and i called karisa to let her know how aweomse it was but karisa was over there too for some secret reason and after we were done we met up and i said hey heres a book that you might like and she was all omg. sad thing is, she emailed me to tell me that so far its slightly disappointing.

white oleander is a tough one to follow up on.

its 3am which means that its time for me to write chapter four of this dumb thing.

thank you for helping me drown the demons.

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