Bears 27, Colts 14, Rexy 150

My buddy Bob who ive known since kindegarten, but better known as Bob from the sports merch store, Memoroboblia wants to sponsor the busblog Super Bowl contest.

Sez Bob: the busblog reader who comes closest to guessing the final score will get $50 of Memoroboblia’s Chicago Bears merchandise…the 2nd place prognosticator will get $20 of Memoroboblia’s Bears stuff….first tie breaker is closest to point spread, second tie breaker is total combined points, third tie breaker is passing yards by Rexy.

So…if final score is actually Bears 34 Colts 20, Rexy throws for 212… and three busbloggers have picks as follows
Bears 37 Colts 23 Rexy 123 &
Bears 34 Colts 21 Rexy 212 &
Bears 14 Colts 0 Rexy 321,

…then the 37 to 23 guy wins because he guessed the spread correctly and is closest to total points scored…

put your guesses in the comments. one guess per busblog reader. put your real email address in the proper place. etc. my guess is the one in bold. bon chance!

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