the hottest nudes i get

are from the shy girls. typically the ones half way around the world.

because whats better than to show a strange man your body

who you’ll never meet

and who probably would love it.

and who more trustworthy than a man whose been getting nude photos from strange young women for over five years?

skinny dark haired girl from australia gave me some of the best shit the other day in response to a dare i gave her so to own up to my part of the deal, here is my number one wish for 2007.

by the end of 2007 id like to executive produce a weezer a cover album devoted to world peace.

it would be an actual record that youd need a record player to play.

like in the olden days when the best replacements music came off a cassette called when the shit hits the fans.

it was never made on an album, it was a cassette only release by Twin Tone possibly in tribute to the fact that the recording was a bootleg confiscated from a fan.

music so good that i listened to it almost every day in college for two years and then only barely because i didnt want to ever get sick of it.

anyways id like to record weezer do a double album, gatefold and all.

on the first album id like them to cover nirvana’s nevermind on side one and bleach on side two

on the second album id like them to cover led zeppelin iii on side one and tsars band girls money on side two

id like rick rubin to be the producer, i just want to be the executive producer

whose job it is to arrange for the horses and strippers and hippies come in and out of the studio every now and then.

all the money off the record would go to africa.

of course.

we did a promotion with zune a few months ago. we gave away tickets to see the red hot chili peppers at the roxy which is a really small club for someone like them.

anyways they gave me this crazy box with cds and records. i almost looked at the dude and said are you kidding me, records? especially since the zune takes digital music and allows you to play it on an ipod like device. records?

oh microsoft.

the real ipod killer though, and you can mark my words on this, is not going to be the zune, its going to be Sirius radio and the stiletto.

santa was nice enough to put the little fella into my stocking and its not as sexy as the ipod and its wheel isnt as sleek and it actually seems to run a little warm, which makes me a tad nervous.

but it has a feature that will save the regular music buyer hundreds of dollars.

lets say beyonce has a new song out that you love. some people would buy the whole cd, but now a lot of people just go to iTunes and pay a buck for the song and they’re good. well, this Stilletto has a heart button. and its got a hard drive so you can pause and go backwards and go forwards, etc.

meaning if you like a song thats playing on satelitte radio and you have a Stiletto you hit the heart button and it will store that song into your stiletto. and then whenever you want to listen to it, you just go to your “jukebox” and there are all the songs youve recorded, or entire Stern shows, or entire Scott Ferrall shows.

My favorite thing to record and save are the Red Peters shows on Howard 101. Red is like a dirty perverted creepy Dr Demento. But unlike featuring songs about Star Wars, Red favors songs about sex, drugs, and drinking.

Very dirty songs presented by a slow-speaking verrrry nice guy, who seems a little too nice.

Anyways the reason the Stiletto has replaced my iPod is my Stiletto not only plays me my music and other content, but it delivers it to me too. I don’t have to upload anything into it, I don’t have to do anything but turn it on and use it, and if i like something i hit the heart and i have it for as long as i want.

I am quite fortunate to have an iHome alarm clock. i had originally purchased it to play my ipod for me at night, plus its a charger. the stiletto, like the ipod, has no speakers, but the iHome has a handy Aux jack that allows me to listen to sirius through my alarm clock.

during the recording of teen spirit i will have to insist that anyone in the studio wear a dress.

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