i talked to my truest the other day.

i partied with my friends tonight.

im going to go to sleep soon and wake up and it will be like christmas because — i am so paranoid and superstitious sometimes which goes against my Christianity.

i had so much fun tonight with my friends and coworkers of LAist in the back yard of emannuelle and matt’s home.

we tried to drink all of the beer out of the keg but we couldnt

we tried to burn all the wood while sitting around the fire pit but we couldnt

we tried to figure out a better place to be than LA and we couldnt

we did talk a lot about Santa Barbara though

i was so stoned at the beginning of the party that i didnt recognize Defamer as he walked up the driveway with his beautiful girlfriend, so i got to drinking quickly so as to regain my vision.

i met some new LAisters who are awesome. i got to hang with Joe from Martini Republic

i got to hang with steve and LYT and ben and ken and laura and kim and man the list could go on and on

and i dont know if the bible says Everything in Moderation, but if it doesnt it really should because

if you spend too much time in LA without going to IV for a few hours a month, youre blowing it

and if you spend too much time in your apartment with topless teenagers without going out and hanging with your real friends for a few hours a month, youre blowing it

theres so much to do in this town, there are so many people here who know me and support me and inspire me, to laze around my many mansions with barely legals while trying to figure out different variations of 69 is important to science

but ultimately taxing to ones sensibilities.

met Eric Neel from espn who suggested a visit to santa anita of which i said you dont have to ask me twice.

he told me that hes on romeys tv show “rome is burning” a lot which made me realize that as much as like jim for some reason i dont watch him on tv. and yet i watch pti and around the horn. fascinating.

i am still online dating. i am still spending all my waking moments thinking about LAist. i am still not playing the sg copy that i bought over a year ago.

remind me to write the opinion piece i wanna write called any black who doesnt vote for obama is no longer black.

if someone said tony one day theres gonna be a black president from illinois in 2008 i woulda said oh you flatter me.

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