id do anything for my job.

Bart Simpson on the Nirvana cover of nevermindduh. so when a major television network asked me to audition for a show theyre about to do, even though i am not at all interested in being “talent”, even though im not interested in being on the money side of the camera, i shaved my head nice last night, i went to bed early last night (315am) i woke up early this morn (7am) and i shaved off my chicago bears beard

and i went oh 15 minutes away from my home to a studio in hollywood.

i got the rundown, i went to hair and makeup – ha. i sat in front of the green screen.

i did something. i wouldnt call it “my thing”. although i had all intention to go in there and “do my thing” i sorta acted like the warner bros. frog when the box is open – i clammed up. i searched. i faked. i fucked up.

your boy isnt gonna be a tv star. at least for that show. i did see some other LA bloggers. some very very famous ones. i saw a super hot chick. i saw a few homosexuals. i saw a guy i thought i knew from E! but nah.

and then it was over. it was early morning and i was done for the day. actors have it horrible.

it was still early enough to get breakfast at mcdonalds and already i had failed.

this is why they did drugs.

this is why they hump federlines.

sometimes the camera turns on and youve got nothing so why not climb in bed with a kfed who you know will make you feel superior, since you are.

and for the first time i missed not having the eurogirl to feel good about.

her hair is everywhere. some of her crap too.

friday morning and nothing to do.

in the audition was a man from chicago and we talked bears football. this has been the most wonderful surprise season.

a year ago superbowl i was making out with a girl from columbia or chile or madagascar. she was so cute. a year ago today we had gone to a bar and we drank from daylight to when the bartender cut me off.

she was the craziest girl i have gone out with in a year and i miss her the most.

even though she was violent and not that hot on paper but for some reason we totally clicked perfect and maybe thats what im lookin for on eharmony but im not so hot on paper neither so there have been no love connections on that front.

i just got invited to something sponsored by budweiser tonight.

hey karisa just invited me to lunch which is sponsored by LAist.

the days lookin up.

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