its at this point that i lose my support of hillary.

you dont run for president when the usa has a good chance of electing the first black president.

sure women deserve a break today but they werent brought here in boats as slaves

not that obama was, but im just saying.

if i was hillary id step down immediately and say, “it just dawned on me that i have always been in support of minority rights and especially the advancement of african americans, most of whom supported my husband and i through thick and thin.

“no way will i cockblock barack.”

and if obama was smart he would have her be his running mate because not only would it lessen the chances of an assassination attempt (down from 99% to 94%),

but that is what should happen when you re-elect george w. bush after iraq, 9/11, katrina, gitmo, and domestic spying: a black and an woman should be the favorites to succeed you.

i also dont like hillary because shes stiff. stiffness used to mean that you were hiding something.

people didnt used to like al gore because he was stiff. turned out what he was hiding was all his radness. people dont call al gore stiff any more.

when barack wins al gore should be the environment tsar, bill clinton should be nominated for the supreme court, and al sharpton should be the press secretary.

and i suppose that at some time i should go to chicago and blog about it all.

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