most of you who read matt good

know that he has a new blog. i think the over / under of different matt good blogs this year is 5.

yesterday in the comments he was asked about his exwife…

rilah: i know your recent writing has focussed on your loss (maybe even sense of betrayal, though i wouldn’t want to assume), but i wonder…negating the accountability question, if you could go back and change time and have never gotten married, would you?

matt good: I don’t think, at this point, given what’s happened this past year and what’s been revealed to me, that the question – “would I have gotten married knowing what I know” is applicable. To be totally honest, and I’ve had 12 months to think about this, I’d rather have never met her at all. I’d rather have never spent a minute of my life with her, and I know that sounds harsh, but it is unfortunately the truth and a position that I don’t ever see changing in my lifetime. That is a truly horrible conclusion to come to regarding someone that you were married to. But that presupposes that you actually knew them in the first place, and the truth is, having found out otherwise, and having been revealed true colours, I can’t honestly say that I ever did actually know her.

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